How can I speak about the size of sun from here
Or the day I cooked pasta in a small village of Rajasthan
“They are not going to try it” I’ve been told,
with a little bit of hope, they eat it all.
The sensation of not belonging anywhere and at the same time to be everything.
The incredible work of the soul and the secret teachings of all things,
the tricks of the ego, the thousand mirrors on the clothes, the fabric and the thread works that speak about the history of the humans before.
(Trust your heart)
There is a way to dance on fire
(and another way to eat it too)
There is not gate or portal that is closed anymore
if you cast the key yourself – is made of gold
. On the tangible side instead- sometimes we fall,
here you wear a mask only if it serves you,
only if it serves us all.

(last picture of 2019, us by the fire, by Alice Trott)

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