Around one year ago I was with Liz at the Woodland Studio when she said, you know Lu, I would love to DJ but not on my own, I said: same. I need some support and motivation, I think. Then she looked at me and she said:  I think me and you working on music together we would have fun, and it would actually work .

I ve been thinking to put my hands back on music since years now and I still believe that me Marta, Letizia, Marcella and Amelie would have a girl band one day, but well life in London is quite hectic, and being surrounded by talented djs can make you feel a bit insecure.

One month ago when I arrived in this small village called Panchla Sidda,  Thar Desert, Rajastan, India, I’ve been asked to put a playlist together for Utsava Maa , the festival I’m working for.”Some songs for the Indian women that are going to attend, to have a virtual tour around the world.You can put Italian songs as well and  it would be nice if you could put also some of this music like they do in Berlin ? How you call it  one with… synthtetizers ? ” Shreejen said that to me and I could not contain a cheeky smile.
I’ve been thinking on it for days and I could hear in my head a whole crazy musical journey.

So I texted Elisabeth which was going to join me here soon and I told her “Would you like to DJ with me here ?”The answer was as I expected. Now while we are here with Undergrowth Collective is pretty wild and we have to work on thousands things at the same time but the past two weeks have been partly dedicated to research, fun, and slow downloads with a very weak internet box that looks like a weird device from the 90s. 
We found our performing name during a fundraising meeting, in between real notes we were writing sneaky messages on a notebook and passing it to each other.

Eclipse 🌖 in India was born.



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